First batch of pasta in the new pasta maker. Our big decision is what shape to make? The standard parts that came with my lovely new Atlas Mercato machine are for fettuccine and spaghetti. Our recipe is from the English version of Il Cucchiaio D’Argento, The Silver Spoon cookbook. Our test batch for cleaning out the new machine was really satiny when I was kneading it. Let’s hope the real batch, made with Pangkarra wholegrain durum flour, feels as good. I was at one with the dough. How zen!

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4 thoughts on “La nostra nuova macchina per la pasta

    1. Yes, Louise, we have been doing the rolling pin for some time. But this came out so smooth in the new machine. It’s Italian made and beautiful. First batch has been a success and we used locally grown South Australian wheat from the Clare Valley, just a little over an hour up the road from Adelaide. “Think Global Eat Local”, I say!


  1. Lou, love your photo! I’ll send you one of my old Ampia Mercato machine that Mom bought me before Talley was born in Phoenix! Gram wants me to teach him how to make pasta this winter so I need to dust it off. Let us know how it all turns out.


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