Autumn is my favourite time of year. Finally, out come the cozy corduroy trousers, knitted vests and scarves, and bike commutes that don’t make you all sweaty and give you helmet hair. But best of all are the autumn fruits and veggies. Apples, pears, pomegranates, persimmons, grapes, cauliflower, garlic, butternut squash and the rest. To…

Remembering Louise Pergolini Tucker

Tomorrow, the 10th of April will be seven years since we lost our mother Louise and I know we all think of her daily. More often than not I think of her in the kitchen. The place where she prepared so many meals for her six children and anyone we brought home with us. The room with…

Look at my new camera!

I’m excited to start taking some pics with my new Panasonic DMC-TZ40. I’m not quite ready for a full on digital SLR camera. I’ve enjoyed a previous Lumix and the controls here are familiar. This photo was taken with my iPad 2. Published via Pressgram

Early autumn second harvest

Here in South Australia we are having sublime autumn weather. The summer fruits are gone and the cucumbers just about finished. But the tomatoes have a long season if you do a second planting just around Christmas. These beauties were found at the Adelaide Central Market last night. Our bush at home is getting there…

Channels by Susan Hiller

This audio-visual installation is part of the Visual Arts Program of the Adelaide Festival 2014. It continues until 28 March. So if you are in Adelaide get yourself to the Ann & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art on North Terrace. This work explores near death experiences. #samstag Published via Pressgram

The Market Shed on Holland Street

Another Sunday market in Adelaide city — The Market Shed on Holland Street. I discovered it today but only had time for a quick look and a small purchase or two. But I’ll be back, I promise. Published via Pressgram

A glimpse of my Adelaide in Festival mode

It’s not officially March, but March Madness has officially begun. Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Festival of the Arts, Womadelaide and a motor race all happening at once. Today I strolled through the Central Market on my way to an exhibition and spotted yummy foods and Fringe performers giving a taste of their upcoming show. I love…

Cornbread (and my dad)

In a few days it will be 15 years since my dad, Owen J. Tucker died. I think of him everyday. Today I made cornbread and was reminded of one of his ‘dad’ jokes. He was a mathematician and a funny guy. I can’t remember the joke, just the punchline ~ Pi (π) are round;…

Not an Empanada, good though!

Australia’s answer to the South American empanada is the pasty. This winner is from the Orange Spot Bakery and Cafe in Glenelg, South Australia. Published via Pressgram

A belated wish for 2014

Greetings from my desk, complete with my new fit ball/desk chair. The year 2014 and I have gotten off to a rocky start. Already we’ve had some ups and downs. Roo and I arrived home from our marvellous time in Argentina and Chile, documented here, on 30 December after a long flight. Santiago-Auckland-Sydney-Adelaide. That’s 18…