Early autumn second harvest

Here in South Australia we are having sublime autumn weather. The summer fruits are gone and the cucumbers just about finished. But the tomatoes have a long season if you do a second planting just around Christmas. These beauties were found at the Adelaide Central Market last night. Our bush at home is getting there too. I see a week of salads to celebrate this lovely second harvest, before the cooler temps settle in.

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  1. Heather says:

    We have the most wonderful Lemongrass. Ian is cooking a Thai chicken Larb – mmmmmmmm. We loved it so much

    Heather O’Connor

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    1. Excellent Heather. Always good to have a go at something tried at a restaurant. Hope it turns out well. We are aiming to recreate the taste of Mexico in our kitchen tonight…


  2. I cannot wait for summer!


    1. I’ll bet you can’t. Hope your snowstorms are done.


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