Channels by Susan Hiller

This audio-visual installation is part of the Visual Arts Program of the Adelaide Festival 2014. It continues until 28 March. So if you are in Adelaide get yourself to the Ann & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art on North Terrace. This work explores near death experiences. #samstag

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  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    Very interesting.


    1. It was fascinating to sit and listen to the audio of people from all over the world talk about their near death experiences.


  2. Lulu Abruzzo says:

    Maybe not my kind of thing, but I think all cities should do this kind of thing because whether you love or hate a piece, it gets people talking.


    1. Louisa,

      I agree that art should challenge. And this installation did that. It was really moving. The audio component had me near tears. Listening to someone talk about feeling as though they were being called into the light then recognising that they were not ready and they had children that would be left alone, or a pet to look after, or some other reason to not die. It was both sad and incredibly positive. I agree that art should challenge.

      Viva l’arte!


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