So many recipes, so little time

We have a freezer full of containers of stock that Andrew made this week.  And it’s coming on winter here in the great southern land, so my mind is on soup.  I am about to make a pot of  leek and potato.  Everything chopped up and is ready to go in the pot.

Leek and Potatoe in the pot
Leeks & Potatoes, Panchetta, and the ubiquitous mirepoix
secret weapons
Secret weapons, a pinch of smoked paprika and a few threads of saffron.

While I was surfing around for a recipe (refer to my link to mise en place, I found this one,  but it will have to wait!

Rustic Tortilla soup

The leeks and potatoes are calling me.

Desperately seeking downtime

Another day of work (Wednesday) then we are off to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast for 5 nights.  A quick break to make a long overdue visit with Roo’s mum and a chance to not have home chores to occupy us.  It’s all work lately and my body threw a fit last week.  A bit of R&R is in order.

I’ve booked an apartment with kitchenette near the beach.  The place is built around a lagoon-style pool and there is a cafe by the water.  I predict walks at the beach, meals in Mooloolaba (Hot Pippis was good last time) and a day in Noosa.  Some markets, some hanging out with Hilda and some reading by the pool.  Maybe visit Mel’s folks. Not much else.  Desperate for downtime.

Mendoza Argentina – 29 April 2009

First let me apologise for my typing on a spanish keyboard with different characters and some of the letters worn off!

Greetings from Mendoza Argentina, wine country.

The vuelta de empanada continues.  We would like to say we have not had a day without an empanada but that would probably be false. However some days we have had two lots to make up for it.  By far, the best we have had was a Quatros Quesos (4 cheeses) in Puerto Iquazu!  It had delicate pastry and inside were the 4 cheeses: manchego, cream, parmesana and roquefort!  Had to be tasted to be believed.  The super-chilled Patagonian beer washed it down perfectly! And it topped off a pretty grand day of walking around the falls at Iguazu!

There have been other highlights and Andrew is attempting to photograph them before we scoff them down. Refer to our Flickr page for photos:

Empanadas seem to be found in the loftiest restaurants as well as the humblest corner stores.  Most advertise that they are Artesanial indicating that they are home made on the premises by a master!

We have had other food.  With a large Italian heritage, there are pizza and pasta joints everywhere as well as the ubiquitous ´Parilla´ or charcoal grills where huge sausages and slabs of meat are cooked.

Our hostel in Buenos Aires had a live music night up on the rooftop garden on Saturday and the did 10 peso (less than $5 Aussie) Beer and Churi Pane.  Churi Pane is a Big sausage (Churi) in a crusty bread roll (Pane).  It was great value and we went back for seconds.

Sunday night we went to a more fancy Parilla with our friend Amalia and her husband Gustavo.  They introduced us to some fantastic Argentine Malbec wines.

Deserts are pretty special here too.  Flan is very popular as is ice cream called Helados here.  We have sampled a few flavours.  Another unique food is a sweet breakfast spread called dulce de leche kind of like a thick caramel spread.  Of course it is also a helados flavour and as a filling in chocolate covered cookies.

So although this is a vuelta de empanada, we are by no means restricting our diets.  And we have done other things besides eat!  We have been to the falls at Iguazu, and in BA been to the MALBA (Museo del Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) museum, seen the strange National Library, been to Evita´s mausoleum at Recoleta, seen the Botego torso sculpture and the giant flower in the park, walked the modern Puente de Mujeres at Puerto Madera strolled Calle Defensa on Sunday for the San Telmo Feria (markets), and visited La Boca briefly (it was very touristy so got a bus the hell outta there).  There are paintings from both Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera at the MALBA for my fellow fans!!  Oh and we spent a day in Colonia Uruguay, the ciudad vieja which is World Heritage listed! Very charming indeed and an hour´s ferry ride away frm BA. Photographer´s paradise!

We are hoping to do a short bike ride around the Maipu wine area tomorrow befor heading off to Santiago Chile on Thursday.

We hope this finds you all well.

Cheers for now.

Lou & Roo

Life of a part-time blogger

The stats are in — I am officially a very part-time blogger.

Just what have I been up to since March 08 when last I tapped these tiny keys?

Changing jobs, twice; writing PR articles for the IPEd (Institute of Professional Editors) conference next October (2 of 4 articles here:; travelling to Perth for merger related work; discovering new winter recipes to warm the house (braised pork chops with grated apple, leeks and apple juice); going to the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market; reading books (The Book Thief, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, A New Earth, 13 ways of looking at the novel, The Inheritance of Loss, Dirt Music and more I can’t recall); loading photos on my Flickr site (; watching my cats grow; going to the gym; working at a day job 40+ hours a week; following the election in the USA.

So what does this mean for my blogging future?  Ah, that is to be seen.  But now I have a publicity article to write…

3 weeks and one day ago

That’s a sad sight for a wannabee blogger. It’s too late now to add much, except to say that we have been away. I had limited internet access while away as we stayed in a cabin on a hill near Apollo Bay and spent our days hiking to waterfalls and admiring the scenery along the Great Ocean Road. At night we ate, then slept. We slept in. It was glorious.

Then we spent a few days in Melbourne. So much to see and do, fabulous laneways and alleys full of graffiti and little shops and restaurants. Pelligrini’s for pasta and watermelon granita. Queen Vic Markets, National Gallery of Victoria, Chinatown and the amazing Chili Chicken of Dainty Sichuan. Wow, it nearly blew our heads off.

I can’t wait to go away again…but where?

This is turning into a food blog…

A breakfast this morning we sat outside eating our yummy fresh wholemeal rye bread with lovely rhubarb raspberry jam, both purchased last evening at the Adelaide Central Market. We discussed what we would have for lunch and dinner. Lunch is likely to be at Casuarina, a Malaysian restaurant that does the most authentic Roti in Adelaide. For dinner Andrew is planning to make pizzas on his pizza stone in the hooded bbq. The next post may be a report on those meals.Adelaide is hot, hot, hot this weekend so there will be more outdoor dining and long cool drinks.