The stats are in — I am officially a very part-time blogger.

Just what have I been up to since March 08 when last I tapped these tiny keys?

Changing jobs, twice; writing PR articles for the IPEd (Institute of Professional Editors) conference next October (2 of 4 articles here:; travelling to Perth for merger related work; discovering new winter recipes to warm the house (braised pork chops with grated apple, leeks and apple juice); going to the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market; reading books (The Book Thief, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, A New Earth, 13 ways of looking at the novel, The Inheritance of Loss, Dirt Music and more I can’t recall); loading photos on my Flickr site (; watching my cats grow; going to the gym; working at a day job 40+ hours a week; following the election in the USA.

So what does this mean for my blogging future?  Ah, that is to be seen.  But now I have a publicity article to write…

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