There seems to be a lot going on, and little time to blog about it.  I’m thinking that perhaps I am too connected and a bit disjointed in my approach to social networking and blogging.  I have been considering only updating my Tumblr blog MLTuckerAtLarge, which feeds to my Twitter and my Facebook and just leave it at that.  More photos taken on the run, less writing.  But the whole idea of this blog was to write more. Easier said than done.

The day job at the documentation factory and my ongoing love affair with studying Italian seem to be getting in the way. Maybe it’s just that I have been busy with summer (now more or less gone) and blogging will be easier to do over the colder months (from the cozy couch). So, I am not giving up yet. This year will be the test.

But right now, I have Italian homework to do…i compiti.

Mi piace i compiti!

2 thoughts on “Looks like a monthly update is all I can handle…

  1. I never did my homework when I went to Italian lessons. At the lesson I would promise myself that this week I would do it, but I never did. I loathe study, I always have.


  2. Hi Debra, Note the distracting ‘Cook like and Italian’ book on the other side of the table…I actually enjoy the study, but the day job gets in the way. However the best way to improve is to BE THERE! I’m working on going back…MLT


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