Visiting niece Emily had not seen a kangaroo or Koala yet after nearly 2 months in Australia and I hadn’t been to Cleland in over 15 years I reckon. Clearly we are slack hosts! So today Roo, Emily and me hopped in the car and headed for the Adelaide Hills.

Cleland Wildlife Park

It was a perfect afternoon with a totally cloudless sky. Just right for some speccy shots of us getting up close and personal with the furry marsupials.

Emily with Vincent the koala


Roos with Roo and Emily
Wallaby darned, there's a Joey in that pouch.

We finished up at Mount Lofty Summit, a lookout over Adelaide.  It was brilliant autumn weather with just a hint of chill in the air at the end of the day. Autumn in Adelaide. Not too bad at all.

The lookout at Mt Lofty

2 thoughts on “An April afternoon at Cleland Wildlife Park

  1. That Joey was soooo cute. Very cheeky, putting on a show, in and out of the pouch. We were enchanted by the little one and the mum seemed to be proud.


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