Pictured below are the Moroccan meals we had at Semo’s tonight. Both meals were traditionally cooked In a tagine and served with a choice of saffron rice or cous cous. We both chose cous cous. I had the chicken cooked on the bone with garlic, saffron, fresh coriander and onions, garnished with saffron potatoes and green olives. Roo had Moroccan meatballs with traditional herbs and spices in a rich tomato chemoula finished with a poached egg and fresh coriander. The wine list was uninspired. And since life is too short to drink bad wine, we decided a beer would go well. The James Boag’s hit the spot.

The service was just ok but the food was quite tasty. Possibly a touch on the salty side. I have been complaining of leg cramps lately, so maybe the salt will do me good!

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