View from South Road tram bridge

I volunteer after hours with the Adelaide Fringe helping build floats and props for the opening night parade. Riding my bike home over the tram bridge last evening I was treated to this great view.

Viva La Tour — go Cadel Evans

To celebrate the tour, we are enjoying cheeses and some lovely sour dough fruit and walnut bread.  The cheeses are Australian as is the Zinfandel we’re enjoying, from Kangarilla Road winery. The bread is from Dough in the Adelaide Central Market.

Twittering, catching up on US politics and just reflecting

I am a twitterer and am probably more suited to the short format.  Whether it’s finding time for a concentrated bout of writing, short attention span or just my nature, I am not sure.  Most of my work day I spend at a screen and keyboard so I am probably a bit averse to logging…

January things

Locally grown avocados and stone fruits at the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmer’s Market, my husband’s birthday (he just turned 50, young thing), Tour Down Under and the Big Day Out.  These are the January things that have me talking this year. I dusted off my old Avanti bicycle today and rode over to the Adelaide Showgrounds…

Imagine my excitement

The Tour de France and MasterChef are on TV.  World’s top men in Lycra battling it out in the Pyrenees, six amateur chefs going head to head in the MasterChef kitchen. Things are hotting up in our living room! Then we are off to Melbourne for an exciting day of Dali at the gallery and…