Twittering, catching up on US politics and just reflecting

I am a twitterer and am probably more suited to the short format.  Whether it’s finding time for a concentrated bout of writing, short attention span or just my nature, I am not sure.  Most of my work day I spend at a screen and keyboard so I am probably a bit averse to logging on at home each night for any length of time.  An hour at the keyboard can easily turn into three and then I lose my much-needed beauty sleep.

Or maybe I have just spread myself too thin:  I blog here on occasion, I Twitter and I also use Facebook.  Plus 3 emails to check and numerous must-read web sites, mostly related to news, cycling, music and books.  Am I too connected?  Am I being enriched by all or any of this information?  Or is it just too much static?

Sometimes a bit of info sticks.  Like today someone else’s Twitter re-tweeted a link to a recent Obama speech. Being an expat American I have a renewed interest in what’s going on in the US since the change to Obama last year.  I don’t follow politics closely but I like the non-partisan way in which Obama is trying to resolve some of the deep problems with America.  Health care reform is a huge issue there and the right-wing sees any kind of state supported health system as nothing short of Bolshevism.  So Obama will have an uphill battle. In this speech I think he gets off to a good start.

January things

Locally grown avocados and stone fruits at the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmer’s Market, my husband’s birthday (he just turned 50, young thing), Tour Down Under and the Big Day Out.  These are the January things that have me talking this year.

I dusted off my old Avanti bicycle today and rode over to the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmer’s Market.  It’s just a 12 minute cycle away and is a great way to start a Sunday morning.  Though I should have had breakfast first. I ended up buying almost too much to carry home on my bike. Andrew usually goes with me and we share the load of the veggies and heavier items like olive oil and potatoes. I get excited when I see all that fresh food.  Just as well no one had watermelons on sale.

You wouldn’t think that our dry climate was suitable for growing avocados, but sure enough some guy in the Adelaide Hills gets them to grow in a bit of a micro-climate. Other market winners today; nectarines and peaches.

On Friday I participated in the Tour Down Under’s Mutual Community Tour Challenge with a group from work.  This year’s ride options were 149.5k, 111k or 35k.  Our team had riders in each of these distance categories.  I was in the last group, riding 35k.  Friday was rather warm and the last 35k of the ride was characterised by extreme cross winds  for 23k then a blessed tail wind for the last 12. My goal was to complete the ride without needing to dismount on any of the hills.  I was successful.  It took 2.5 hours but I made it!

Friday was also my young husband’s 50th birthday. We went to our local pub for dinner with good friends Stu and Toni, then on Saturday night Andrew and I went to an Argentinian restaurant in Hutt Street. Very strange crowd in the restaurant.  Some tattooed guys who kept going outside for a smoke and what appeared to be ‘deals’ with people who drove up, parked illegally then disappeared.  The whole dining experience had some disappointments and some highlights. The steaks were excellent as was the Marta’s Vineyard 1999 Malbec. The crème brûlée was generous. The Empanada was deep fried though and the filling tasted like a Bolognese sauce. Not the highlight for sure.

Announcement: I am not going to the Big Day Out this year. I love the web site and poster with the ‘Day of the Dead’ inspired skeletons and paper cut-outs. But none of the bands really excite me. Maybe the Decembrists, but not enough to go for the day (they’re on at 3.45 or thereabouts) or even the evening of a really hot day with a bunch of drunken 23 year olds.

One more January thing – our anniversary – married 19 years and still best mates.  Well done us!

Imagine my excitement

The Tour de France and MasterChef are on TV.  World’s top men in Lycra battling it out in the Pyrenees, six amateur chefs going head to head in the MasterChef kitchen. Things are hotting up in our living room!

Then we are off to Melbourne for an exciting day of Dali at the gallery and RockWiz filming at the Espy. If we’re lucky we may make Degraves for coffee and Movida for lunch.

Will report later!