I am a twitterer and am probably more suited to the short format.  Whether it’s finding time for a concentrated bout of writing, short attention span or just my nature, I am not sure.  Most of my work day I spend at a screen and keyboard so I am probably a bit averse to logging on at home each night for any length of time.  An hour at the keyboard can easily turn into three and then I lose my much-needed beauty sleep.

Or maybe I have just spread myself too thin:  I blog here on occasion, I Twitter and I also use Facebook.  Plus 3 emails to check and numerous must-read web sites, mostly related to news, cycling, music and books.  Am I too connected?  Am I being enriched by all or any of this information?  Or is it just too much static?

Sometimes a bit of info sticks.  Like today someone else’s Twitter re-tweeted a link to a recent Obama speech. Being an expat American I have a renewed interest in what’s going on in the US since the change to Obama last year.  I don’t follow politics closely but I like the non-partisan way in which Obama is trying to resolve some of the deep problems with America.  Health care reform is a huge issue there and the right-wing sees any kind of state supported health system as nothing short of Bolshevism.  So Obama will have an uphill battle. In this speech I think he gets off to a good start.


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