Loro Ciuffenna, Toscana
Loro Ciuffenna, Toscana

Flashback to: Ten Weeks in Italy 2010

In 2010, my older sister and I were fortunate to be able to spend five weeks together, studying, visiting relatives and travelling in Italy. Then my husband joined me for another five weeks in Italy with a few days in Singapore on the way back to Australia.

I did a separate blog for the ten week trip as I have done for other trips (on main MLT at Large page see My Travel Sites links for others) and I was very new to blogging. The blog starts at the end of our trip with our stopover in Singapore via London, and works back. This 2010 visit to Italy still stands out as one of my top trips ever for a variety of reasons (though, seriously, none have disappointed). I hope to do many more.

I re-lived some of that fun with my sister more recently with a quick trip to the Abruzzo and beyond; and I learned so much attending Let’s Blog Abruzzo and just being there with a different purpose. I drank new wines, learned new recipes, saw incredibly beautiful parts of the Abruzzo. As well, I have made some new friends and acquaintances and renewed my relationship with cousins.

I’m still trying to find my blogging place in the world. Re-visiting these 2010 posts puts me in a happy frame of mind so I wanted to share some of that happy with newer followers. I would love to hear some critiques from readers and other bloggers. Click the link under the photo up the top to see my Ten Weeks in Italy blog.

Ciao for now…MLT

4 thoughts on “Flashback to: Ten Weeks in Italy 2010

  1. Maintaining a blog can be difficult sometimes. I have been writing Bagni di Lucca and Beyond for almost 4 years and I have hit a flat spot. I hope it passes as up until now it has been fun.
    I hope you continue to have fun with yours.


  2. Thanks Debra, I really enjoy what I am doing, just need to rethink my whole online strategy! I started out just to learn the technology for my day job as a technical writer and found I liked the ability to keep in touch with distant family and friends.
    You have a heap of loyal followers (myself included) who really enjoy your detailed information and great pictures. Please find your blogging mojo as well! Ciao for now…MLT


  3. A post that fuels my longing to spend some slow time in fascinating Italy!
    Must say yours is blog that makes me feel at home. A warmth cruising through everything you describe, an effortless passion.
    Thanks for following my blog, as that helped me find yours!

    Churn out more. 🙂


    1. Well thanks deboshri! That’s kind of you. I hope you get to spend that quality time in Italy. I got to go back again in June. I’m very lucky. But now it’s back to the documentation factory (technical writing contract)!
      I look forward to reading more of your adventures as well.


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