We have been home from our big road trip for less than a week. It’s strange to be cold after the warm humid weather we experienced for the five weeks away. But nice to wear some different clothes.

Before we went away our washing machine’s start button was giving us trouble and our poor house sitter had to deal with it giving up the ghost! So task number two (after our traditional welcome home lunch in Chinatown) was to call the repair dude…

Our kitties must have been well loved in our absence because it’s just business as usual for them. Sleep, eat, play, sleep, sleep, play, sleep…you get the picture.



6 thoughts on “Home is where the kitties are

  1. My little cat hated it when we went away. She has gone to pussy heaven now and we haven’t replaced her because we travel too much, but I would love another cat.


  2. oh yes, Debra, If we were away as much as you it would be hard on us and them! But for now we only do shorter trips and we have a trusted sitter, a Uni student who lives at home and loves the space alone and adores the kitties.


  3. When the wife isn’t home at the expected times, our trio becomes rather agitated. Well, if you consider aimless milling about agitated, but there is something about the way they’ll look at me that makes me feel as if they hold me responsible for her absence.


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