Pork chops and cabbage salad

It’s late spring and BBQ season here in Adelaide, so recently we have been giving our gas and charcoal BBQs a workout. We like cooking on the grill because of the ease of clean up, especially on a busy weeknight after work. Some simply seasoned meat, a salad and that’s dinner done.

Last night featured thick pork loin chops, marinated with a little soy while the grill heated up. The salad was a simple mix of two types of cabbage, purple and white, finely sliced on the mandolin,  a grated carrot, two spring onions cut into rings, a red capsicum (bell pepper) and some ripped coriander leaves.

To follow with the Asian theme I whipped up a dressing for the salad with a combination of soy, canola oil, a drop of sesame oil, a squeeze of fresh lime and a few teaspoons of a sesame nut spread that we normally use for toast. The salt of the soy sauce was balanced by the sweetness of the nut spread and the addition of lime created a freshness that matched the season!

A grind of fresh pepper on the chops, toss the salad and serve up. A thirty-minute meal for busy people. Leftover slaw for my lunch. What could be finer?

A simple dinner, yet so satisfying.

Home is where the kitties are

We have been home from our big road trip for less than a week. It’s strange to be cold after the warm humid weather we experienced for the five weeks away. But nice to wear some different clothes.

Before we went away our washing machine’s start button was giving us trouble and our poor house sitter had to deal with it giving up the ghost! So task number two (after our traditional welcome home lunch in Chinatown) was to call the repair dude…

Our kitties must have been well loved in our absence because it’s just business as usual for them. Sleep, eat, play, sleep, sleep, play, sleep…you get the picture.