I am not a gardener

I have to admit, my husband does all of the hard work.  The digging and planning and buying and most of the watering and weeding and nurturing. I sometimes water and I often admire his handiwork and take pictures. Of course, I get to benefit from the harvest…

Adelaide’s spring has been average up until this week when it has been quite warm and summer-like here on the flats. After a few weeks away the garden seems to have just gone a bit crazy.  But Roo has been out there trimming and pruning and tidying. The results tell all.

Herbs and veggies
Agapanthus, Bougainvillea, a glimpse of apricot tree and the path to the veggie garden
Apricots! First of the season.

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  1. Om nom nom (as Em might say). Wish I was there to taste it myself…goo Roo!


  2. Debra Kolkka says:

    Very nice! The lovely fruit has finished here in Italy, but today I watched chestnuts being roasted over a fire and then ate them – delicious.


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