April come she will…

We really were blessed with some fabulous weather this April. The track pants and socks took longer than usual to make their first appearance for the year.

Daylight savings time is over and the days are getting a little shorter, but the weather felt like summer right through Mid-April. It was nice, but kind of weird, like someone forgot to turn on Autumn.

There are now signs of Autumn in the garden. Roo pulled out the tomato and tomatilla plants today. And harvested the last of the tomatoes and cucumbers.

This April marks 5 years since our beautiful mother Louise Pergolini Tucker passed away. It’s the first year that I have just smiled when I think about her rather than well up with tears (remembering all the times I could have been a better daughter). I still miss her and dad heaps.

I am not a gardener

I have to admit, my husband does all of the hard work.  The digging and planning and buying and most of the watering and weeding and nurturing. I sometimes water and I often admire his handiwork and take pictures. Of course, I get to benefit from the harvest…

Adelaide’s spring has been average up until this week when it has been quite warm and summer-like here on the flats. After a few weeks away the garden seems to have just gone a bit crazy.  But Roo has been out there trimming and pruning and tidying. The results tell all.

Herbs and veggies
Agapanthus, Bougainvillea, a glimpse of apricot tree and the path to the veggie garden
Apricots! First of the season.

I like a really fresh vegetable

That’s why today I went to the Farmer’s Market. Apricot growers have reappeared. Woo Hoo — I love apricot season. On the way home I stopped to see my friend Bronny and shared some apricots with her.
And the capsicum and rocket look mighty yummy too.

The last of the cold weather is with us so I will make a pot of chili con carne tonight and use some of the lovely capsicums I bought today.

Thank you clouds for the rain in the last few weeks. Our little seedlings are smiling out there and the rainwater tanks are full.

We have many things to be happy about!