A long time favourite of mine. These Vietnamese ladies keep the stock pot going with some of the clearest broth in town. I love the No 2 because of the perfect glass noodles and the tender prawns, the tiny cubes of pork crackling and the chicken pieces that have fallen from the stock bones, the fresh coriander and squeeze of lemon. But what I like most — there is an infinite variety of choices to be had for lunch around Chinatown and the Central Market area, and if I don’t know just what I want I do know that No 2 will always be just right. Slurp…

One thought on “No 2 soup – Asian food court, Chinatown, Adelaide

  1. Hi Mary-Lou,
    that soup looks lovely, I can only imagine the choice you have of places to eat and types of food to eat where you live….
    i see that you guys have buds already on the tree next door, gosh your winter goes fast!!
    our summer hasn’t really started properly, but in ireland it never really does, does it….
    there are a few pics of our Swedish holiday on my blog, pop in and have a look when you get a chance…
    I’m back blogging, but not at the frantic pace of before…


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