The chili turned out quite well. Just the right amount of bite and a bit of my secret weapon – a chunk of dark chocolate. My friend Ange gave me a bar of Lindt 70% dark chocolate with orange peel, so some of that went in. Went well with the cornbread from yesterday. Mmmmmmm.

2 thoughts on “Chili con carne

  1. Looks delicious, was it a vegetarian chili? just wondering, on account of you possibly deciding to go veggie for a year, but maybe you didn’t start that yet?
    good luck back at work tomoro


  2. Hey Liz, Not started yet! And anyway, ‘con carne’ is the Spanish for ‘with meat’! I could only eat a small portion. My eyes were bigger than my stomach on this one occasion! It was hearty and good. One of the few things I make regularly, along with pastas and slow cooked meat dishes, once the cooler weather settles in. Just started her with the cool weather. Andrew does most of the daily cooking here and I wash up. Works for me.
    Cheers, Lou


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