Well, as my previous post mentioned, I was having my third sick day EVER on Wednesday.  It is now Friday and I am still home, but starting to feel a little more human.  Glands still swollen (diagnosis of Pharyngitis) but much reduced by late morning today. Still feverish but not like the last few days.  The antibiotics must be kicking in after taking them for 48 hours.

I had a hankering for some comfort food today.  If I have my food mojo back I must be getting better…last few days I have eaten whatever I could find in the house. Apples (sliced and with a smear of peanut butter), handfuls of almonds and dried cranberries, crackers with tomato slices just salted and peppered, a bag of crisps (potato chips) I found in the back of the pantry (didn’t all that salt and those sharp edges give the swollen glands a good rub). Plus water, water and more water.  Even that hurt going down.

So what source does a 50-something year old gal, transplanted into Australia from the USA in 1981, turn to for comfort food recipes? And what would her comfort food of choice be?  Can’t guess? Right, I’ll tell you.  My comfort food of choice is corn bread and I use a slightly altered recipe from my 1972-vintage New York Times Natural Foods Cookbook by Jean Hewitt. I bought it at a bookstore in Tempe AZ called Changing Hands in 5th Street originally, then later in Mill Avenue around the corner. Most of my non-university related reading materials came from Changing Hands endless selection of second-hand books back then.

Here's a photo of my 1972 copy bought in 1976 from Changing Hands Bookstore

The corn bread turned out nice and light, which I had concerns over because some of my polenta was a bit coarse. I added a little more liquid than the recipe called for and let the mixture sit a while to let the baking powder activate a little. Also, I used a round spring-form pan (which renders my mathematician dad’s joke meaningless ‘Pi are round, Cornbread are square’).

Below are some more pictures showing all the bits and pieces then the final product.

The fixins for my corn bread
The corn bread was still steaming hot..
so I got the butter and let it sink in

I have now eaten a quarter of the little thing.

There is nothing like
the culinary bliss point
after no taste for days

2 thoughts on “Making the most of a sick day

  1. Hi Lou!
    Lovely looking cornbread! Can’t say that we eat much cornbread here in Ireland, my comfort food would be brown soda bread with butter and jam…
    I love your cookbook, what a memory to have. Nice pics!
    mind the voice,
    hope you’re all better soon, but don’t go rushing back to work till you really are ok.


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