In itself, my job at the documentation factory is not that bad.  I am currently redesigning forms for a credit union using Adobe LiveCycle Designer.  “Designing forms, how boring” I hear you say.  But, believe me, if you like technology and getting to play with new software, and feel good about process improvements and that sort of thing, it’s actually a great job.  In the main, the people I work with are funny and interesting and have interesting skills and knowledge to bring to the team.

The problem is that I spend five days a week at work and there are so many other things I want to pursue.  I am not getting any younger and the days are not getting any longer than the standard 24 hours. Most days go by so quickly. I have not written in this blog since the new year’s long weekend ended and I went back to work. Perhaps I am just not disciplined enough.

On a more positive note, I began my stint for 2010 as a volunteer with the Adelaide Fringe working in the workshop where the opening night parade floats are built. Adelaide’s Fringe is second in the world only to Edinburgh, Scotland. And it’s the largest fringe festival in the southern hemisphere.

Some familiar faces at the workshop: Tsubi and Katherine who I met on the 2006 Fringe.  Both women are parade designers and both are talented, easy-going and fun.  I look forward to working with them again. Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons. The parade is on the evening of 19 February in the streets of Adelaide. Be there or be incredibly square.

2 thoughts on “The tyranny of the day job

  1. Good luck with the Adelaide Fringe, and finding the time to do more of the fun stuff, i know what it’s like, my blogging may well dry up when I’m back at work in a few weeks.
    Get them to give you unpaid extended holidays, so you can get to do some of the fun stuff!


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