I usually write here but would like to introduce some photos from our daily life.  Well, when you have a cat or two, they really do rule the house.  Speedy and Jose Gonzalez are two amazing brothers who came into our lives via the local vet who had rescued them.  After nearly a year with no animal we decided to get a new cat.  Call me a sucker, but when we went to the Vet to choose one I could not bear to leave the other behind so we took both. Speedy and Jose are about 2.25 years old now and super kittenish still.  They love to explore and romp and play and play-fight. Speedy is much more gregarious and has a habit of jumping in the neighbor’s bathroom window as well as ours.  He is a bit of a show off and has no fear. Speedy is lean with definite tabby markings but many patches of white all over his body.

Speedy prefers to come in through the bathroom window when it's open

Jose is bigger and less outgoing than his brother. He likes people but is cautious until comfortable. He is quite talkative when you are alone with him.  He seems to worry when Speedy goes off on an adventure and comes and makes us go out in the garden with him to romp when no one is around.  He is not as good at climbing so he requires us to chase him around the garden plants for a bit of fun. Jose has beautiful eyelashes and is a very pale ginger tabby colour.

The more timid Jose Gonzalez

Besides cats, our garden also has a lovely veranda where we eat most of our meals from October till April.  On New Year’s Eve we had a little supper with Champagne while the sun set on 2009.

A light supper to end 2009, Champagne to wash it down
A nice loaf of caraway rye with a few nibbles for a light supper at sunset

This morning we noticed our grapes are ripening so we had a few after lunch.  Some are still slightly bitter but in the main, they are ready to eat.

grow your own!

In a future post I will cover some of the renovation work we have been doing for the last 2 months. But now, it’s bedtime!

One thought on “And now for some photos

  1. Happy New Year to you Lou and Roo and to your two lovely cats!
    We have 2 cats too, not litter mates though. One older male, one younger female. Great fun to watch them go about their daily routine!
    That light supper on the verandah sounded lovely.
    As for vines and grapes almost ready to pick, that’s amazing. No such luck here.
    Hope 2010 si a great year for you all and I’ll keep in touch.


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