We are in Santiago and getting ready to fly to San Pedro de Atacama (Calama) this arvo.  Our flight from Mendoza to here was canceled as it is a small airport with  no health screening facilities for the Swine Flu.  So we had a fantastic bus ride during daylight hours over the Andes!  It was really beautiful and potentially breathtaking over the high pass (over 4000 meters).  All the foreigners had to have a temperature check.

We have only had one empanada here as there are some good cheap restaurants here.  I had some Patagonian lamb and have had some seafood which is quite fresh here. We have been to Valparaiso, which is colourful but very ratty looking and dirty.  A real shame because it has world heritage status.  Santiago is actually very nice and has a great, clean and safe metro.

Of course we have been taking heaps of pictures, particularly of markets and architecture.

Ciao for now.

Lou & Roo

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