Santiago Chile – 3 May 2009

We are in Santiago and getting ready to fly to San Pedro de Atacama (Calama) this arvo.  Our flight from Mendoza to here was canceled as it is a small airport with  no health screening facilities for the Swine Flu.  So we had a fantastic bus ride during daylight hours over the Andes!  It was really beautiful and potentially breathtaking over the high pass (over 4000 meters).  All the foreigners had to have a temperature check.

We have only had one empanada here as there are some good cheap restaurants here.  I had some Patagonian lamb and have had some seafood which is quite fresh here. We have been to Valparaiso, which is colourful but very ratty looking and dirty.  A real shame because it has world heritage status.  Santiago is actually very nice and has a great, clean and safe metro.

Of course we have been taking heaps of pictures, particularly of markets and architecture.

Ciao for now.

Lou & Roo

I like a really fresh vegetable

That’s why today I went to the Farmer’s Market. Apricot growers have reappeared. Woo Hoo — I love apricot season. On the way home I stopped to see my friend Bronny and shared some apricots with her.
And the capsicum and rocket look mighty yummy too.

The last of the cold weather is with us so I will make a pot of chili con carne tonight and use some of the lovely capsicums I bought today.

Thank you clouds for the rain in the last few weeks. Our little seedlings are smiling out there and the rainwater tanks are full.

We have many things to be happy about!