A musical gem in the heart of, well, um, actually, Clarence Park, just south of Goodwood, just out of Adelaide. The Trinity Sessions is a series of concerts organised by a very energetic and enthusiastic fellow called Roger Freeman. The Venue is the Trinity Uniting Church.

The latest Trinity Session offering on 18 Nov 07 was a Tribute To Paul Kelly featuring The Yearlings, John Baker Duo, Billy Rankine (plus Band) Brillig, Vincent’s Chair, Fiddle Chicks, The Joans, Cow, Huckleberry Swedes, Sean Gilbert and Pete Arthur.

The set list of over 30 songs included some old favourites and some not so well known numbers. I have to say one of my faves was the Hucklebury Swedes rendition of Down to my Soul, sung with a heart-rending tenderness. It is my first experience with many of these bands, all from Adelaide. I hope not my last; for I shall be seeking out some of these souls in my newly smoke-free local venues!

There was a virtual cornucopia of instruments on stage. Three accordians, a few mandolins, lots of guitar and fiddle, the Roland keyboard and even, get this, a Hammond organ, if only for three songs.

The bands all donated their time and talent with money raised from ticket sales going to support the Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music at the University of Adelaide. Great music and worthy cause

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