Hello Peeps!  Roo and I got back from overseas about a week ago.  We thoroughly enjoyed or time in India and our 6 day stopover in Malaysia.  I blogged along the way and, since we got home, have done some final posts regarding the food in both countries.

If you didn’t follow the blog along the way, here is the web address for ‘Ah, India‘.  I hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed the trip.  Thanks for following and all the best for 2013!

Happy trails to you all.

Our last day on the road a few hours before boarding our flight home.

2 thoughts on “Back from India and Malaysia

    1. Thanks Debra. We (you and I) have been fortunate to get so much travelling in. One day we must meet! My mother-in-law lives in Mooloolaba. But maybe Italy will be on the books for us in another 16 months. An Italian cousin is coming to Australia this year and it will be nice to show her around some parts of Australia!


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