So, in my last post I had a book in progress, A Cup of Light by Nicole Mones.  The same author wrote The Last Chinese Chef, which I read back in 2007 and found interesting on a few levels; plot, characters and the wonderful descriptions of the food and its preparation and place in Chinese culture and society.

A Cup of Light on the other hand, was not as enjoyable for me. I liked learning about the different styles of porcelain and the underworld of the fake trade and the people who inhabit that world. I liked the main character Lia’s strength and aptitude at her job as an assessor of porcelain.  But the inevitable love story did not quite gel for me.

The book’s formula was similar to that of The Last Chinese Chef. But it was just not that satisfying. I am a food lover though, and read The Last Chinese Chef soon after a 6 week adventure in China that introduced me to some delicious food.  Perhaps that coloured my opinion.

I have Bruce Chatwin’s Songlines on my nightstand to read.  It’s a small book and I have already read 20 or so pages, but it may take a while to finish.  My Italian classes have recommenced for the year and I now have a fair bit of reading and preparation to do in my spare time. The Festival and Fringe are also still on here in Adelaide and life is very busy for another few weeks. So don’t hold your breath for a review!

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