We have a lovely, timid  neighbourhood cat whose name we do not know. We call him Fu Fu because of his panda-like appearance.  Think Wang Wang, Shi Shi or  Yang Yang.   Fu Fu comes to our garden to see our cats most days.  But for the last three or four weeks we had not seen him at all. We thought perhaps he and his peeps had moved away, or that Fu Fu had an early demise on a nearby busy road.  Andrew and I were a little sad that Fu Fu was not visiting.

Today though, he came back and he looks healthy and like he has grown.  We’ve speculated that he has been at ‘Kitty Camp’ while his owners were away on holidays.  He’s still shy, so clearly, if he was at Kitty Camp,  he has not become a gregarious party animal!

A tentative Fu Fu with the effervescent Speedy
Fu Fu amongst the cat grass and thyme


Jose, not so sure about all this Fu Fu visiting

We are glad that Fu Fu has not moved away and we expect his personality won’t change much.  And that’s just fine.  All of the cats we know have unique personalities and that’s what makes them so enchanting.

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