Jose on couch

Originally uploaded by lou_roo

I love my cats and the leather couch is great because it doesn’t collect cat hair. So leave it to the cheeky buggers to wait for the moment I leave my favourite blanket unattended to discreetly slide across and claim a spot. Ah, the joys of our furry friends.

One thought on “Furry friend

  1. Hi Mary Lou,
    love the pic of the cats in this message and in other messages on your blog!
    We have two black cats, they like our old couch and both have favourite spots on it. Mind you, the young female cat, SmallKitty, really loves our kingsize bed best, and Mike has ‘trained’ her to lie on the bed every night for an hour, while he reads!
    She just loves being with people, so I guess that’s a positive result.


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