Mid-March update from Adelaide

Well, already it has been an eventful month and it’s not quite over. Books, food, visitors, departures, music, comedy, Italian classes and work at the documentation factory. All this leaves little time for posting.  

I should be doing my Italian homework now, however procrastination is something I am better at than studying.

Each March the Adelaide Fringe and the Adelaide Festival of the Arts descend upon us. Being Artsy types, sort of, we try to attend a handful of events.

For the Festival we decided to see Ennio Morricone with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and selected artists who the Maestro brought with him from Italy. One such artist was soprano Susanna Rigacci whose voice soared through a perfect evening in Elder Park. The Maestro was gracious and appreciative of the fine musicians he was conducting. A truly memorable evening.


We started our Fringe season seeing the strange and wonderful Sam Simmons in his comedy show ‘About the Weather’. A show full of pathos and melancholic humour.


And we finished it with a performance last night at the Trinity Sessions featuring Nathan Rogers and Dry Bones (Nathan, great singer and crafter of songs as well as son of legendary Stan, plus JD Edwards, a brilliant singer/songwriter and the incredible banjo stylings of Leonard Podolak).  I came away with a little secret crush on Leonard and his trio of banjos. 



February saw the departure of Emily. March brought her brief return with Gram, then her departure for good. (SAD) For a grand finale meal we enjoyed Eggplant Parmigiana made by Andrew.


While Gram was visiting from Minnesota we had to take him to Cleland Conservation park to see some Koalas and Kangaroos up close.


Other March events of note were: seeing Ed Kuepper with Katrina at the Fringe and enjoying some Mexican style tapas at the Tivoli, dining at Est Pizza, Working at the Queen’s Theatre as a volunteer usher and seeing a few shows, notably Horse and Sons & Mothers.  

It’s been a fun-filled month full of fun times with family and friends and art and food.  April, you have a lot to live up to.

Adelaide Fringe parade cancelled due to rain

Who would have thought there would be enough rain in Adelaide in February to cancel a parade? Well no one! But rain it did, pretty much all day.

The amazing king and queen were left hanging from the crane for a few hours and we grabbed this snap as we were leaving the muster area.

The decision to cancel would not have been taken lightly as the event has been in the planning for some months.  I really feel for the artists, designers, crew and participants who worked so hard and long.  But in the interest of safety there was really no other option.  The rain was relentless in the hours when we were to be helping the participants prepare.

Fellow volunteer and niece, Emily, and I made our way up Rundle Street through the gathered throng of Fringe merry makers and consumed possibly the world’s worst burrito at a wannabe Mexican place called Zambrero.  I mean, who makes green salsa out of jalapeños rather than tomatillas? Who uses pickled jalapeños? Who uses sticky Basmati rice in Mexican? And where the heck was the cumin? I don’t usually bother giving a place a bad rap.  I usually just don’t go back.  But don’t proclaim on your website that you’re “the Best Fresh Mexican Grill in the free world”! Hell, an Old El Paso Burrito Kit would have had better flavours!

Lucky that Roo and I started our Fringe experience last night with a visit to the Bosco Theatre in the Garden of Unearthly Delights to see Sam Simmons’ very special brand of funny.  And a few drinkie-poos under the stars after.

Ah well, the weather is bound to get better for the rest of the Fringe and we’ll be out there.