April come she will…

We really were blessed with some fabulous weather this April. The track pants and socks took longer than usual to make their first appearance for the year.

Daylight savings time is over and the days are getting a little shorter, but the weather felt like summer right through Mid-April. It was nice, but kind of weird, like someone forgot to turn on Autumn.

There are now signs of Autumn in the garden. Roo pulled out the tomato and tomatilla plants today. And harvested the last of the tomatoes and cucumbers.

This April marks 5 years since our beautiful mother Louise Pergolini Tucker passed away. It’s the first year that I have just smiled when I think about her rather than well up with tears (remembering all the times I could have been a better daughter). I still miss her and dad heaps.

Fringe fever – Adelaide is buzzing

Adelaide in February; that can signify many things. Hot weather, tomato harvesting, dining outdoors, visits to the beach, ice cream and most of all, the Adelaide Fringe.

As mentioned in a earlier post, Adelaide’s Fringe is second in the world only to Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the largest fringe festival in the southern hemisphere. We are proud of that.  Adelaide gets ‘dissed’ by our Eastern States friends as a place for newly weds and nearly-deads.  Well, we put up with it because we know that living well is the best revenge!

I have seen some amazingly creative floats and parade props being built at the Fringe Factory Workshop.  The creative team is leading community groups to help each group’s message come alive. And there are some funky floats and performances tying the Space theme together. The public is in for a real treat. So get out there  and enjoy the opening night parade and party on 19 Feb.

Read more here:

Adelaide Fringe Opening Night

See you there!

Hot, Hot, Hot!

That’s what my weekend is gonna be! Not just the searing Adelaide Summer heat — it’ll be in the mid to high 30s Celsius all weekend and through next week — but Womad is on and the music promises to be so cool it will be hot. Looking forward to seeing Cesaria Evora, the barefoot diva from Cape Verde as well as Susana Baca, and the Billy Cobham septet. Monday is a public holiday and I will be taking myself to the beach for some quality time in the water. the only place to be when it’s 38 degrees out!