Geez 2011 – you have some catching up to do

Other than a photo on my bike ride home, I haven’t posted a blog since the first of the year. Oh dear, what’s going on? Last year I was quite prolific, at least for me…

It’s not that nothing is happening this year; maybe I am just adjusting to being back in Australia and back at work after my fabulous 12 weeks off, with 10 of those weeks spent in Italy (view Italy blog here).

Whatever it is, I seem to not be finding time. And now the Adelaide Fringe volunteer work I do in the lead-up to the Fringe Opening Night Parade, is upon me. Of course there’s always the day job at  ‘the documentation factory’ to keep me truly busy.

Been making ready a room for Emily, my niece who is arriving in less than 24 hours now. and it is looking pretty tidy! We are sure to have some blog-worthy adventures over the coming months…And well, maybe now that I have admitted I have a problem, I can start to work on it!  Here’s to my blog stats for 2011.

Central market Adelaide

Life at the documentation factory and other December observations

I am currently easing back into work after nearly 3 months off (refer with a few odd jobs. Some of my work mates will be going on well-earned leave for up to 4 weeks and I’ll be odd jobbing and helping out around the department. This week I have been updating our policies (one of them ironically on keeping policies up to date) and I have handled a few staff suggestions related to our new smart forms (interactive PDF forms). Next year will bring a swag of new projects and I have a feeling I’ll be deeply involved in making a few of them happen. This is both exciting and a bit scary as all the thinking I have had to do for a while has been related to decoding menus in Italy and seeking information on the wily ways of public transportation in Sicily. I guess, thinking about what a challenge that was, that I am up to the task at hand….

Everyone around me is in a pre-Christmas frenzy. I am so fortunate that I did not grow up with the ‘Catholic Guilt’ thing. I don’t celebrate Christmas because I am not a practising Christian and, after all, I try to show ‘goodwill to all’ throughout the year and not just save it up for December. As my mother used to say “It’s Jesus’ birthday honey, not ours”. Smart woman, that Louise.

Living in the southern hemisphere also somehow takes the winter festivus feeling out of the season. For heaven’s sake it’s summer and I am sitting here in a sarong.

So I hope everyone has a peaceful time but remember not to buy me a present. If you must, make it a goat for a village in Africa or a donation to an aboriginal community. OK? Cheers!