Remembering Louise Pergolini Tucker

Louise Pergolini the graduate nurse in 1945

Tomorrow, the 10th of April will be seven years since we lost our mother Louise and I know we all think of her daily. More often than not I think of her in the kitchen. The place where she prepared so many meals for her six children and anyone we brought home with us. The room with a table around which 12 people could sit comfortably. Where there was always a light on and a chance to talk about your day.

Today, the day before what would have also been her 88th birthday, my husband decided to cook one of my mother’s favourite dishes in her honour. The dish she always ordered when it was available. A dish that spoke volumes of her Italian heritage – spaghetti con cozze.

The mussels Andrew cooked came from a farm in Port Lincoln here in South Australia. They were big and juicy and oh so fresh. Quickly cooked with some parsley, garlic, fresh tomato and white wine. Simple and tasty. Louise on a plate.

Buon appetito.

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  1. Heather says:

    How lovely for you that Andrew prepared such an honourable – and let’snot forget delicious – meal on behalf of your mother. SHe was a beauty in so many ways and I only wish I had met her. xxxxxx

    Heather O’Connor

    Civil Marriage Celebrant

    Ph: (02) 43412218

    Mob: 0414909622



    1. Thanks Heather! We both got lucky in the mother department. I thought of your dear mum Elaine this week too. Love you heaps! Lou


  2. mmatucker says:

    Very nice, Lou, and Andrew. A lovely meal to remember. That kitchen in West Chester saw so many faces…if walls could talk!


    1. Oh yes Peg. All the discussions and dad jokes and boils of spaghetti. What a chorus of sounds and smells.


  3. midlifemumme says:

    “Where there was always a light on and a chance to talk about your day” – beautiful, more of her ethos needed today


    1. Sam, The kitchen was the centre of life in our house when I was young. There were less distractions than nowadays!


  4. A beautiful tribute to our wonderful mother Lou! Mi manca.


  5. Lou and sisters,
    Cheers to the memory of your great Mom! She was one of the very best. So many great memories in West Chester, Springfield, and especially Bryce where we’d sit up all night playing pinochle!


    1. Thanks KAS. What a generation of great women they were our mums…


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